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Accurate aim at the world with Ward.

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With the continuous transformation and upgrading of textile industry, providing a large leap opportunity for domestic computer flat knitting machine knitting machine manufacturers and parts manufacturers. Ward electronics is one of the earliest computer flat knitting machine accessories largest producer, is also the first domestic head set manufacturers, is full of innovation rub one's eyes and wait, for more customer service.

Electromagnet, the use of computer flat knitting machine needle selector is our core product. In view of domestic machine, for example, star, star, horse, tiger, yes, we have the general electromagnet supporting, at the same time we can also be customized according to the different needs of customers.

All that stuff reliability than imported, especially for many new products on the basis of the enthusiasm is not high, development speed is slow, and for the development of textile industry, the increasingly fine division of labor, machinery and equipment in the electronic control, precision requirements more stringent. In fact, the domestic manufacturers the advantage of affordable, accessories and service in place, the operation process is simple, convenient repair and maintenance.

Computer flat knitting machine accessories Ward electronic production electromagnet, needle selector, cross mountain board products, quality and advanced foreign products close to, and get a lot of customer recognition and praise. We will continue to refine on, ensure product quality at the same time, pioneering and innovative, in order to better for superior, aim at the world with precision, for enterprises to build a broad prospect!


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