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Business cooperation with India customer RAJ

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On June 14, 2009, Mr Ward chairman Long Jinlu and relevant personnel received Mr RAJ from India.

RAJ is a well-known textile machinery manufacturers and importers in southern India. After a preliminary communication with our oversea sales, the customersdecided to visit China. Clients came to our company, marketing personnel very warmly received the guest.

In product exhibition room, the staff gave them detailed introductions of the Jinlu's development and certification of various kinds of products. At the first sight of JL- 0119, the Indian customers seriously listened to the staff and took out a caliper, checking professionally on the solenoid size. He measured the length, width and height of the solenoid, then took out Jinlu company product picture album. After careful compare, he said in English, "The solenoid size and size written in the product manual is exactly the same. Very good". For the serious attitude of working, he was very pleased to discuss the specific cooperation.

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