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Electronic era computer flat knitting machine demand is increasing

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With the transformation of the knitting industry, computer flat knitting machine has replaced the traditional manual knitting machine for production, which not only can improve the work efficiency and the quality of the products, but also promoted the rapid upgrading of traditional clothing industry. As a supplier of computer knitting machine, for the industry to grasp the trend of great significance.

As the market demand for computer flat knitting machine knitting equipment is more and more big, the electromagnet, stepper motor, intelligent sensor, needle selector as precise execution unit will also usher in a broad market space. At present, knitting equipment dedicated execution components of computer control system has been widely applied in computer flat knitting machine, silk stockings machine, underwear machine, glove machine, circular knitting machine and the knitting machine, knitting machines. These professional executive member includes: an electromagnet, the needle selecting device, special motor, sensor, and the cylinder valve, pneumatic components. Knitting equipment professional executive components as mechanical parts bear knitting equipment motion, force and part function, directly determines the host level of performance, quality and reliability.

According to industry insiders, the domestic computer flat knitting machine, silk stockings and underwear machine computer control system and related equipment industry development course that passed the same, although the environment influence yields have fallen in the past year, but with the escalation of the rapid transformation of the knitting industry, is expected to "1025" end, China computer knitting transverse wit control system demand will exceed 200000 units, demand for computer underwear machine and computer control system of the stockings wit close to 20000 sets, industry prospects good.

Computer flat knitting machine operation, not only improve the knitwear production enterprise production efficiency, product quality, saves a lot of labor costs, more to meet the knitting machinery of high precision, high reliability requirements, promote the knitting production to continuous, digital, intelligent direction. Compared with the common computer knitting machine, knitting machinery production more efficient, more complete function, pattern and style of the fabric is more complex.


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