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Five Significant Main Parameters for OEM/ODM Solenoid

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Most of the solenoid for domestic flat knitting machine is universal, but special customized solenoids are still needed for domestic and oversea customers. There are five main technical parameters which could not be ignored while choosing or ordering customized solenoid:


1. Shape: The maximum size where the install solenoid would be installed. We need to confirm its length, width and height;


2. The biggest stroke and sucking requirements of the solenoid, the reset force requirement after power fails.   


3. Provide maximum voltage and current of power supply: Voltage stability of AC/DC power supply. If positive and negative pulse power supply can be provided?


4. Whether the solenoid should work long-term continuously: continuously work, the longest electrified time and the shortest interval between two electrified time;


5. The usage of the solenoid: special requirements while suing solenoid, such as temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, acceleration, etc.


When we pay attention to the above parameters, basically, the customized solenoid is appropriate. With many years experience in customized solenoid, we get very good feedback from both domestic and oversea customers. We will keep the good quality solenoid for you and upgrade ourselves with the times.



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