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Four Elements for Choosing Needle Selectors

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Needle selector is a key component for flat knitting machine needle selection control, and it is an important part of computerized flat knitting machine accessories. Its structure and performance will directly influence the veracity and reliability of needle selection control. To understand its role will help us to choose the right needle selector.


Function of needle selector: Most computerized flat knitting machine needle selection control system structure is electric magnetic needle. Computerized flat knitting machine use upper and lower two levels of computer architecture: Upper computer machine for industrial control, responsible for the management and monitoring; Lower machine adopts single-chip microcomputer and extension system, which controls the needle to needle selection according to the synchronous signal and the upper machine.


Therefore, needle selector is a kind of electrical signals according to the fabric pattern combination. When choosing needle selectors, its own characteristics should be taken into consideration. Please pay attention to the following four elements:


A. Choose the right computerized flat knitting machine categories of needle selector.

B. Choose needle selector according to parameters, such as needle amounts.

C. Adopts reasonable control method, reduce the unstable factors in the process of control.

D. While choosing structure, choose appropriate needle selector with bistable structure control to ensure stable performance.


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