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Professional custom "grant whatever is requested"

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The electromagnet in the industry position is very important, it is not only the classification of many, and the application is wide, let us learn more about the classification and application of the electromagnet.

Electromagnet comprises a lifting electromagnet, electromagnet brake, traction electromagnet, push-pull electromagnet, frame type electromagnet, tubular electromagnet, rotary electromagnet, electromagnet, the electromagnet to maintain two-way angle, suction cup type electromagnet, DC wet-type electromagnet for valve, AC wet type electromagnet for valve, embroidery electrical magnet, permanent magnetic chuck, steel angle electromagnet electromagnet, automobile, rotary electromagnet, electromagnet, the valve flap type electromagnet, automatic electrical appliances electromagnetic system, electromagnetic vibrator, and the electromagnet used iron, silicon steel sheet, stop, coat, iron core, coil, rectifier control device and an electromagnet production equipment. The electromagnetic iron-separator, permanent magnetic separator, magnetic separator, magnetic roller, magnetic screen, iron removal equipment and auxiliary equipment and so on.



Its wide application range, mainly used in aerospace, machinery, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, electric power, coal, mine, electric tools, transportation, lifting transport, household appliances, motor, door locks, textile, game machine, medical equipment, fitness equipment, office equipment, vending machine, intelligent toys, building materials, chemical industry, plastic, glass, ceramics, cement, paper, food, feed, water treatment and other industry manufacturers, operators, and other related professional buyers, foreign trade business, universities, research institutes.

Ward electronics is the largest and most ambitious accessories manufacturers, for each industry can customize different specifications of the electromagnet, and meet the needs of every customer, to grant whatever is requested "". Our electromagnet custom cycle is: 7 working days, the detailed customization process may refer to: Ward customers service, sincerely hope to cooperate with businessmen from all walks of life, to achieve a win-win situation!


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