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The history of Solenoid(Electromagnets)

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                                     The history of Solenoid(Electromagnets)



In 1820, the Danish company oster discovered this principle.In 1822, the French physicists arago and lussac discovered that when the current passed through a wire with a piece of iron, it could magnetize the iron in the winding.This is actually the first discovery of the principle of electromagnet.1823, sturgeon also conducted a similar experiment: he not is the u-shaped magnet stick in a piece of iron rod on 18 circle around the copper bare wire, copper wire and voltaic cell when switched on, around the u-shaped rods copper coils produced intense magnetic field, it makes U iron bar into a "magnet".The electromagnet on the magnetic energy to put many times larger than permanent magnet, it can suck up 20 times heavier than its iron, when the power cut off, it is what U iron bars iron also does not suck, back into a normal iron bar.


The invention of sturgeon's electromagnet enabled people to see the bright prospect of converting electrical energy into magnetic energy, which was soon spread across Britain, the United States and parts of Western Europe.

In 1829, the United States, electrical engineering Henry some reform of sturgeon electromagnet device, LinQu prosperous magnetoelectricity insulation wire instead of the bare copper wire, so don't have to worry about copper conductor is too close to the short circuit.Due to the wire with insulation layer, it can be going round tightly around them together, because of the coil is dense, the stronger the magnetic field, thus greatly improving the ability to convert electrical energy into magnetic energy.By 1831, Henry had produced an updated electromagnet that, though small in size, could absorb a ton of iron.


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