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The purchase of an electromagnet horizontal machine should start from the details

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Electromechanical integration equipment there will inevitably be a problem in the process of operation, so a lot of computer flat knitting machine, sometimes crash, pull system failure, shear damage is a common fault, so no matter what the machine is not perfect, accessories purchase became a key, start from the details, can avoid the minimum loss conditions, choose the most suitable products, to achieve more efficient production capacity.

As we all know, the nose is running computer flat knitting machine in the heart, an electromagnet, needle selector, triangle, degree, head component drives the needle work. The electromagnet is an electric actuator, its main function in a sewing machine is the electrical energy into mechanical energy and control sewing machine in working process automation. For example: automatic sewing, cutting, cleaning, presser foot etc.. A lot of electromagnet type, but the work can be divided into linear and rotary type two. In accordance with the technical requirements and requirements for the product, can make unified standards.

Ward electronic technical staff pointed out that, in the purchase of the machine equipment factory staff configuration, dealer personnel configuration, can reflect the manufacturers of quality service. And in the type of flat knitting machine of choice, suitable for good. Is suitable for their own goods, such as the minute hand is determined as coarse needle or fine needle, needle words must consider the dual system, because the flower to do more, and high efficiency, the efficiency of single system basic no comparison. If it is fine needle can be compared, do single or twisted like flowers, flowers don't need to consider the single system too much, used to run the. If not money tight, suggest or choose the dual system, the price difference is not much. From the long-term development perspective and practical interests of accounting, the dual system is quite an advantage.


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