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To create a high quality of the electromagnet Ward with all the way

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Ward from a single metal parts production transition to the electromechanical integration, also have a few years time, has been committed to be a leader in the industry, all kinds of knitting machine accessories production, especially the high quality electromagnet be way ahead, customers won praise at home and abroad.



As we all know, the electromagnet is an electric actuator, and its main function is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and control the machine automation in the work process. As an indispensable part of computer flat knitting machine of the electromagnet, although small, but the effects can not be ignored in the machine operation process, the electromagnet plays a connecting role, directly affect the performance of flat knitting machine.

Generally speaking, supporting the procurement of electromagnet is better. Because the machine supporting the use of the electromagnet requirements are not the same, such as some parts of the great mechanical electromagnet, size control, clearance, installation debugging position, friction force is very important; in addition, the controller design of high voltage, some low, there is no uniform standard, is also a problem. If the voltage exceeds the electromagnet design standards, will make the electromagnet temperature rises rapidly, resistance increases, power is reduced, resulting in action is not in place or action. So, we need to use and requirements of the technical requirements for products, to develop a unified standard.

Ward electronics in the production of solenoid and other products, to be strict in one's demands, strict, provide the most security products for the customers. At present, the electromagnet has reached more than 80 series, and new products in the R & D, either now or in the future, can greatly meet the needs of the market.


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