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Ward and rich business counterparts, the electromagnet to attract the world's heart

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In March 1, 2013, Tsinghua entrepreneurs Bo business students will be the three anniversary celebration party of the grand opening, our president Long Jinlu invited to attend.

During the meeting, chairman Long Jinlu and members of the entrepreneur conducted extensive exchanges. He presented the Ward Electronic Technology Co., Ltd wants to develop continuously, must have the time angle, attach importance to brand building. The core brand computer transverse electrical magnet, needle selector products has been Ward, main products has been derived from the characteristics of the various functions, this is our Ward Electronics Technology Co., the pace of the times. "Bo business through, firm the world" is a rich business concept, development and Ward of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. based on its own, put forward "Wo in China, development of the concept of moral world", get peer recognition and praise.

Students will be before the end of the hall, there was "toward the ideal of" Bo song written by the chamber of Commerce, just like the song"... Social commitment has a long history... Take the free firm steps let us toward the republic...".

Chairman Long Jinlu summed up the students: "this is not only the rich merchant stage, is also the Ward Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. all staff meeting. This is a communication platform for the development, I carried Ward computer flat knitting machine electromagnetic iron brand philosophy, both display, full of youthful spirit, also shows Ward's innovative and forward-looking. To make a long story short, "Wo core technology, customer service, quality win the market's essence", will be our driving force to the Ward people have been struggling!


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