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Summary Of Annual Work Report For The First Half Year Of 2020[ 2020-07-21 ]
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Electronic era computer flat knitting machine demand is increasing[ 2013-05-18 ]
With the transformation of the knitting industry, computer flat knitting machine has replaced the traditional manual knitting machine for production, which not only can improve the work efficiency and the quality of the products, but also promoted the rapid upgrading of traditional clothing industry. As a supplier of computer knitting machine, for the industry to grasp the trend of great significance.
The purchase of an electromagnet horizontal machine should start from the details[ 2013-05-18 ]
Electromechanical integration equipment there will inevitably be a problem in the process of operation, so a lot of computer flat knitting machine, sometimes crash, pull system failure, shear damage is a common fault, so no matter what the machine is not perfect, accessories purchase became a key, start from the details, can avoid the minimum loss conditions, choose the most suitable products, to achieve more efficient production capacity.
Professional custom "grant whatever is requested"[ 2013-05-18 ]
The electromagnet in the industry position is very important, it is not only the classification of many, and the application is wide, let us learn more about the classification and application of the electromagnet.
Accurate aim at the world with Ward.[ 2013-05-18 ]
With the continuous transformation and upgrading of textile industry, providing a large leap opportunity for domestic computer flat knitting machine knitting machine manufacturers and parts manufacturers. Ward electronics is one of the earliest computer flat knitting machine accessories largest producer, is also the first domestic head set manufacturers, is full of innovation rub one's eyes and wait, for more customer service.
To create a high quality of the electromagnet Ward with all the way[ 2013-05-18 ]
Ward from a single metal parts production transition to the electromechanical integration, also have a few years time, has been committed to be a leader in the industry, all kinds of knitting machine accessories production, especially the high quality electromagnet be way ahead, customers won praise at home and abroad.
Ward and rich business counterparts, the electromagnet to attract the world's heart[ 2013-05-18 ]
In March 1, 2013, Tsinghua entrepreneurs Bo business students will be the three anniversary celebration party of the grand opening, our president Long Jinlu invited to attend.
Five Significant Main Parameters for OEM/ODM Solenoid[ 2013-05-16 ]
Most of the solenoid for domestic flat knitting machine is universal, but special customized solenoids are still needed for domestic and oversea customers. There are five main technical parameters which could not be ignored while choosing or ordering customized solenoid:
Four Elements for Choosing Needle Selectors[ 2013-05-16 ]
Needle selector is a key component for flat knitting machine needle selection control, and it is an important part of computerized flat knitting machine accessories. Its structure and performance will directly influence the veracity and reliability of needle selection control. To understand its role will help us to choose the right needle selector.
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