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JL-0336N-D needle selector actuator

Product category: Needle Selector
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    Quick Details
    Use: Knitting Machinery
    Type: Knitting Needle

    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details: carton
    Delivery Detail: 10~15days

    one-needle selector


    1,Radiation condition is better than the same industry.
    2,Needle Selector uses double-side PCB which have LED indicator light. When the system appears some problems, the LED lamp will go out. Thus provides a maintenance convenience to the user.
    3,Knife selector chooses the imported SKD11 acupotomology piece of steel and its hardness is more than HRC63. After special processing, knife selector becomes wear-resisting, impact resistance and processing accuracy is up to 0.01mm.
    4,Parallel standard of knife selector is 0.1mm in the same industry, while our company can control in less than 0.05mm.
    5,Needle selection chooses imported materiasl, working voltage 12V. In the high frequency of swinging, needle selection can up to 150 times per second which based on the customers' demand. Now we can up to 200 times per second through our research and development.
    6,The speed of needle selection can up to 1.2 meters per second in obstacle-free environment.
    7,The products apply the theory that opposite poles attract and like poles repel each other to add the mechanical deflection to needle selection principe of swing. This type of swing will be stronger and more sensitive.



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