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What is your after-sale service and warranty?[ 2013-05-16 ]
We offer one year warranty for our solenoid, motor, needle selector and cam carriage. All the warranty terms for specific orders would be discussed with customers.
Do you offer OEM/ODM service for your products?[ 2013-05-16 ]
We offer OEM/ODM service for our products. We have customers from all over the world who enjoyed OEM/OEM service for flat knitting machine parts from us. Our customized products process is this: sending us sample or drawing -- evaluation -- quotation -- agreements -- proofing -- samples confirmation-- volume production -- delivery.
Does your company produce computerized flat knitting machines?[ 2013-05-16 ]
We don't produce computerized flat knitting machines. And we are specialized in the production of computerized flat knitting machine accessories, including solenoid, needle selector, cam carriage and other spare parts. We focus on our core products, one business scope, and constantly breakthrough in this area.
Can your solenoid and needle selector be used on Shima Seiki ?[ 2013-05-16 ]
Our solenoid 0119N-C、0951N、0940N、0735N, and eight-needle selector can be used on Shima Seiki.
How are your products packed?[ 2013-05-16 ]
For solenoid and needle selector, we use compressive carton packaging, blister box and waterproof plastic bags. For assembly head, we use anti-shock Teflon plastic foam
I heard that your company produces computerized flat knitting machine accessories. Will you supply parts separately?[ 2013-05-16 ]
Yes, we can supply parts separately, but we suggest that you buy a complete set from us. Because, first of all, the quality of our products is recognized by industry, and you may get better after-sale service if buying from the same factory; Secondly, assembly head, solenoid and needle selectors, choose are produced as a complete set of processing and assembly, buying from the same company can reduce secondary assembly and machining error, and avoid mismatching or incompatible products. Thus it
What we should be if the coil of the solenoid burnt?[ 2013-05-16 ]
If this happens, you may find out the problem as below: 1)Check if the voltage is too high. 2)Change the coil and the silicon steel outside. 3)Check whether the connecting parts are in place and reliable. 4)If it still does not work, it should be no problem to change it into DC supply solenoid.
Do you have solenoid for Cixing knitting machine?[ 2013-05-16 ]
Yes, we produce solenoid for all types of flat knitting machines. For domestic market, solenoids are universally used, not only for Cixing knitting machine.
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